Saturday, August 13, 2016

Here goes the Man Card.

Since no one else will broach this topic I will. Fabric Softener. I like it. There. I said it.
I knew what it was when I was a kid but I never saw its benefits until I was married, (I also had no clue about thread counts for sheets. My sheets in university were pretty much jute that had been washed...maybe).
Here’s the rub. I can’t stand the name of the fabric softener we use, or the picture on it.

WTH is that? Real men, men who were raised with pre 1955 social mores don’t/can’t use a product with a gad damn teddy bear on it. Jeezus! In our language ‘Snuggle’ is 2000 grit sand paper.
Why can’t the makers of these products make them more marketable to my type of upbringing? How about a picture of a 12 year old with a full beard killing a grizzly bear with a school book while walking uphill...both school in 6 ft of snow? “Tomorrow is another school day! Enjoy your comfy, fabric softened underwear today!”



IS it too much to ask? Vikings with chainsaws riding sharks to promote an effeminate product to men who can’t admit they like said product? Please, think of the Neanderthals.