Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Let me begin by saying that I would love the waste of skin piece of shit douchebag who caused my adopted/mutt/ trash dog physical harm- I would love to meet you in daylight wherever you want. How the fuck could you cause harm to an animal whose sole mission is to wag his tail and protect his ‘owners’? You suck. Not only do you suck as person, I want to make it mission in life to make sure your kids know you suck. You scarred a dog- permanently. Whatever you did to this slobbery jack ass scarred his legs permanently. He is fine with it. He never whimpers or slows down because of it. It isn’t a handicap to him. I want to be your handicap. I want to show up to your house or place of work and kick you in the balls. You are a cowardly piece of shit and I want to cause you physical damage. You threw boiling oil or water on a dog that was lost and hungry. What was your master plan Copernicus?

Don’t misinterpret my rant as a need to gain entrance into the upper echelon of PETA. I don’t want or need anyone behind this mission. I want you to know I don’t need backing from anyone- I never will. I want you to step up and face an old fat bald guy. I WILL drive your head thru the asphalt of the nearest parking lot. Bring your friends. We’ll make it a day in the park.

His name is Bart. He hasn’t left my or my wife’s side since we were lucky enough to adopt him. It’s been 2 years since I have had this much belief in humankind and it’s a scarred black dog that makes me believe that people can forgive and forget.

Nothing would make me believe God/Allah/Yahweh is Just than seeing you being dragged behind GreyHound bus or Tanker truck with your scrotum wrapped around the driveshaft..

I want to punch your sister in the throat just to get your attention. I want to punch your wife/boyfriend in their naughty bits to discourage them from procreating. You don’t deserve children. You deserve herpes and severe scrotal trauma. Do not ever think you are a man. If I ever find out who you are- this fat bald guy is going to make you talk with a lisp and a stutter and hopefully cause enough trauma that you have to wear Depends for the rest of your life. ShitHead!
An Open Invitation to Anyone who harms a Street dog- ever!


Barb Miller said...

What you described is too good for that bastard!

Christine Berry-Boulos said...

You feel that way because you are a kind sweet gentle man, and that is why Bart was given to you! You and Lori are incredible people, and just think of how happy Bart is to have found you two. Power to you my friend!