Friday, November 12, 2010


Muslim group burns poppies on Remembrance Day –Toronto Sun
Rage fills me right now. Disgust and outright rage. ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ defiled Remembrance Day yesterday by burning poppies, disrespecting our moment of silence and informing us that Muslims go to Paradise and our soldiers go to Hell.
“We want the government to pull the troops out from these countries and to stop interfering in our affairs." Stated one of the non caped ‘Crusaders’. I’ve got news for you Skippy – you are in Canada and you better be a Canadian citizen but it likely doesn’t matter to you since you refer to your former home country as “ours”. I am guessing that you are in Canada for a hot meal and free healthcare.

Things I’d Like to Point Out.

1) I am not against Muslims, Jews, Catholics or any religion.
2) The only reason you can be in Canada or the US and have a right to protest is due to the fallen soldiers of Canada and the US fighting and dying in some foreign land to preserve rights you now enjoy.
3) Most Canadians are not bleeding hearts and we are getting tired of your bullshit.
4) I think you would be hard pressed to find any Coalition Soldier in Afghanistan who would not like to be home and not have to be in your homeland ‘walking the wire’ everyday defending the rights of people who wouldn’t stand up for themselves.

‘Crusaders’ – you fled your homeland. You didn’t stand up for yourselves or your beliefs when you had the opportunity. Canadian soldiers came to fight for your freedom and die for your freedom. You ran away. But here you are, safe and taken care of, disrespecting the soldiers who marched into Hell while you fled from it.

You are welcome to go back to ‘your’ country. Protest there for what you believe in. You can likely do that now since OUR soldiers have paid the price to give you freedom. You won’t go. You will stay here, in Canada and continue to be a victim of your own circumstance. You will stay in Canada and enjoy your right to protest and piss people off.

It is upsetting to me that these people were allowed to protest on Remembrance Day. It disturbs me that this manner of protest is allowed at all. I am embarrassed that any level of Canadian government would allow this slap in the face to our veterans and active soldiers to occur.
Perhaps there is lesson to be learned. ‘No good deed goes unpunished’. Possibly the next time our soldiers are called to some foreign shore to deliver freedom and the right of every human to exist with dignity and rights, we as Canadians should just coldly close the door and worry about ourselves. When refugees gather at our gates for protection and freedom we just close the gates and send them on their way.

I want to thank all of our Veterans and active soldiers who were and are brave enough to step up and fight for what is right. I can rant and write like to this because of the sacrifices you made.


jv said...

Hi Brooks,
I actually met you once but that's not here nor there. My complaint this holiday season is:"Why on God's green earth do people go into a profession/job of customer service if they hate people?" I often travel back home to Tecumseh, sometimes through several airports and continue to get blown away by nasty people. I'd appreciate a rant so as not to feel so alone!
Merry Christmas and all that!

Brooks said...

Perfect topic. I will work on it.